Homeschooling the way it was meant to be…

Learning Tangent is the magazine for homeschooling families. The name is special to us, and reflects the fact that learning isn't a straight line - a linear progression towards a clear cut destination - but is instead the point at which two things meet: curiosity and readiness. We know that you can't learn something for which you're not ready, any more than you can learn something about which you have zero curiosity. Often, being ready leads to curiosity, and vice versa.

We seek to help you find your way on this journey of going off on a learning tangent.

Focus on Homeschooling

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Let Learning Tangent inspire and support you and your family. We focus on the lifestyle that is home education, from getting started with your preschooler to helping your teens prepare for adulthood - whether it's college or not. We understand that regardless why you homeschool, when we support each other everyone wins in the end. 

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Homeschooling isn't for the faint of heart but, then again, neither is parenting. We publish the community's only truly inclusive magazine because we see a need to help families homeschool regardless of political or religious beliefs. If you've been looking for a place to find a variety of opinions and approaches - this is it!

We don't all agree on how to homeschool, but we do agree on one thing: Learning about how other families do things makes us richer, and  reveals common ground that we may not have even known existed.