Happy Mothers’ Day!

Mothers’ Day is this Sunday, so I took some time and collected a few of my favorite quotes and turned them into memes. Enjoy, share and comment, if you will. Also … read the rest of the story….

Editor’s Minute | So Are You Secular or Religious?

“So are you secular or religious?” The question came from a place of confusion. The woman I was speaking with had gotten to the point of honestly believing that if you … read the rest of the story….

Summer 2017 | Working Homeschoolers

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly homeschool because you still have to make a living? You won’t want to miss this issue. This summer, we’re taking time to focus on … read the rest of the story….

Homeschool Community Classifieds

Why should we list classifieds? Well, why not? I believe in supporting small businesses – wholeheartedly, and the homeschool community seems to have a lot of small business owners and … read the rest of the story….

What’s With the Cover?

Since the Spring issue is already published, you are probably (rightly) wondering why I’m even bringing it up now. Well, it’s because we had so many articles that really belonged in … read the rest of the story….

I’m Not a Genius, I’m Relentless

I posted this status on my personal Facebook page last week: As I said in the post, I’m not some sort of super-genius, I am relentless. I work and work … read the rest of the story….