Counting on the Constitution

This workbook was sent to us by a friend, and written by her son, Patrick Torma. As soon as I received it, I realized we would need another copy – one for each twin. Sometimes, you receive something decide you don’t need it all that much because it’s just not that good. Then it either takes up space on a bookshelf, forgotten and alone, or gets in the pile for the yard sale. This is not one of those items. Written in a straightforward, easy to read manner, Patrick clearly outlines what each section of the Constitution does. The kids will pick this up for their independent study time without being prodded! Honestly, when we started working with it, I learned more about this important document through this book than I learned in school.

The Amazon product page gives you a peak inside, and while some of the older kids may not find the activities as exciting as say, a 2nd grader, theĀ content is where this book shines. Each page covers another section of the Constitution in sequential order, and we have had a blast reading the page, talking about the founders and current events. It’s a wonderful addition to any homeschool!

What do you think?