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Being home with my kids would make me go crazy!

That’s what I always thought. My husband, brilliant though he is, wanted to homeschool from the time the boys were small. I refused to discuss it because thought that he had also somehow crossed the line in to crazy-town, but I really just felt inadequate to the task. I couldn’t understand how people could homeschool and not need to be admitted into an asylum. I would think back to times when moms and dads did this every day, before public schools. There was something about it that seemed attractive, almost mythical, but at the same time, those moms were somehow made of significantly stronger stuff than I was.

Yet when it came down to it, we made the only logical decision for our family: To homeschool. To bring our kids home to educate them in the best way we could seemed so natural, so obviously right, that we did not hesitate. Sure, we were terrified, shaking in our boots about whether we would mess the kids up somehow(maybe that was just me), but I think that fear drives us to be better than we could ever possibly be otherwise.

Do they drive me crazy? Sometimes. But our family has grown closer than we would have been otherwise. I’m not saying families who don’t homeschool are not close, but I am saying that we get along better, we fight less, there are fewer power struggles, and we are all happier. Really and truly happier. Freedom does that to a person.

If you are still on the fence, and haven’t decided, or maybe you would like to but think maybe you’ll turn into a screaming maniac all day. I won’t lie, there are days where I feel like a complete jerk because I yelled at the kids for something stupid, but honestly, I yell less now than I did when they were in school. I don’t yell about getting their schoolwork done (all the time), and I don’t have to explain why a seemingly pointless subject needs to be learned. We have the freedom to openly discuss and debate and decide when or whether we’ll dissect a frog.

I believe that this whole homeschool thing has made us better in more ways than I could ever count or quantify. Just think- you too could have family time where your kids aren’t rolling their eyes at you, but they’re excited to spend more time with you. Where they get up in the morning and ask what they get to learn today, and get their chores done without asking…. Oh wait, the chores thing is my dream, not a reality! But everything else is true.

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