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Win an Awesome Art Set in the Coloring Contest!

Update 11/20/2016: We think we’ve received everyone’s entry (gave a little extra time for those who mailed them in), the gallery here is up to date and we’ll announce the winners in the Winter issue of Learning Tangent for Kids. Feel free to comment on each of them – we love to see what readers […]

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First Annual Homeschool Photography Contest

Well the contest is over, and now we’re posting all the images here for everyone to loook at and admire. This has been a wonderful way to see the talent that our homeschoolers possess, and their courage in putting their art out into the world. Candy of Wooden Nickel Photography was so impressed with the quality […]

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Idle Hands? Not here – Teach Your Kids to Sew!

The twins have asked me fairly consistently the last couple months to teach them to sew. They love that I make some of our clothes – and they love that they’re custom fitted. I didn’t think this would be enough to keep these two active boys busy – I was Well, now that it’s summer, […]

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Summer Time Fun!

With the “school year” at an end, I know that many of us are wondering just what we’ll do with the kids, now that most of our curriculum is done with. I have been wondering the same thing! With two active boys, I’m constantly dealing with pent up energy and the need to be doing something. […]

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Adding Science & Art to Your Homeschool Day – Part I

We love science and art around here, so it’s easy for us to add them into our day. This was by far the best project we’ve done that incorporated them both into an entire afternoon’s worth of fun. The morning started with an episode of Beakman’s World(available on Netflix), where Beakman and his crew made glue […]