Review: All American History

The history many of us learned in school was dry and dull, full of names and dates, but nothing to make it personal, to help students connect to history in a meaningful way. We love All American History because the information is presented along with stories that help the kids connect to the people who made history.

The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law

Emily and Ethan are nine years old, and love to learn. The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law  follows the twins while they interview their neighbor, Fred, for a school assignment. What was the assignment? To seek a person with wisdom, and ask that person to teach them something important. This something important turns out to be … Read moreThe Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law

SmithHand Manuscript and Cursive – Review

Just in case you missed this in the Summer issue of Learning Tangent – we’ve clipped it here for your convenience! The creator of SmithHand generously sent both the manuscript and cursive set at no charge for us to review. We love it – and think you will too! Disclaimer: These books were given to … Read moreSmithHand Manuscript and Cursive – Review

Physical Properties of Matter – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

Can I just say how much we love this curriculum? Every so often I think, “Well maybe this is too easy,” because they understand the basic idea behind much of the vocabulary, but the word itself never entered the picture. Then they show me how much they’re really learning. Nancy Larson’s Science lessons are just so … Read morePhysical Properties of Matter – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

We the People Fight Tyranny Game – Review

We just had to request this one for a review, with a name like “We the People Fight Tyranny”, we knew it had to be interesting. So I sent note to the company, and Brenda at Constitution Games loaned their demo copy to us here at Learning Tangent in order for us to review the game! … Read moreWe the People Fight Tyranny Game – Review

Nancy Larson Science Level 2

When I first contacted Nancy Larson Science about possibly receiving a review copy of their Level 3, I was unaware how complete and well thought out everything would be. We’ve never used a science curriculum before, because the twins are nerds, and love their science, so this will be different for us. Madon Daily their … Read moreNancy Larson Science Level 2

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