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Nobody Said Homeschooling Was This Hard

Those days where you can’t seem to do anything right, when everything you try, and everything you say just seems to anger your teens or soon-to-be teens makes you question yourself. Doubts creep up (or sometimes pounce) on you, and you wonder why no one ever told you that homeschooling would be this hard.

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You Homeschool…with Games?!

Why do we insist that everything must learned from a “rigorous” education? Remember that rigorous can also mean “stiff and unyielding,” it’s not always the optimal form of learning. It’s not always wrong either, there’s a balance be struck.

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Looking for Kindergarten Curriculum? Read This First

Stop. Stop, right now. Stop worrying about what the neighbors will think if your kids are playing instead of studying. Stop worrying about whether your homeschooling friend will shame you into buying something. And definitely stop pushing your pre-schooler to be someone they’re not ready to be.

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I’m Not a Genius, I’m Relentless

I once posted this on my personal Facebook page: Edit 7/21/17: Sometimes the post decides to NOT show up – here’s the actual text of it just in case:  Note – I’m also apologizing now. This turned into something way longer than I originally intended, but I feel so strongly about it that I could […]