Moving, Homeschooling, and More

One of the things for which we’re grateful, is that we homeschool. The boys do not have to adjust to an entirely new school, with hundreds of new faces. We’ve begun to get back to our school routine, as much as possible, as we discovered that some of our school books were unintentionally sent with movers.

Homeschooling: Choose Your Own Adventure!

It’s that time of year again! Yep, the one where people have decided to homeschool because ___________ (insert reason), and they are terrified of messing it all up. Is this you? I completely understand how you feel, because I was too! You did what any caring parent would, and started researching accredited curriculum and other … Read moreHomeschooling: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Learning Tangent Named in Feedspot’s Top 15 Education Mags

What? Somebody else noticed that we’re totally awesome – and named us one of the top education magazines? I don’t know if you know how many education magazines and ezines exist, but there are thousands. I’ve actually lost track because there are so many. It’s hard to get noticed amidst all the other fantastic, long-standing publications, but we did get noticed.

Unschooling: Supercharge Your Homeschool

That crazy “unschooling” word gets tossed around pretty regularly in the homeschooling community. Some people love the idea, and others think it’s a huge mistake. I think that the idea has merit, and the concept of locking our kids into 12 years of study in areas in which they have no interest is crazy. Isn’t … Read moreUnschooling: Supercharge Your Homeschool

Open Letter to Mick Mulvaney on Merging the Dept. of Labor with Dept. of Education

Scroll to around minute 17 in the video to see Mr. Mulvaney’s report:Ā  Share if you see fit, and I would love a lively (but respectful) discussion in the comments. Mr. Mulvaney, You made several good points during the cabinet meeting on June 21st. I agree with you, when you say that government is … Read moreOpen Letter to Mick Mulvaney on Merging the Dept. of Labor with Dept. of Education

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