Favorite Homeschool Articles of 2016

If 2016 was anything, it was a challenge. A challenge getting any work done around here, whether it was school, magazine, or music. And that’s not even counting the housework… One thing I have learned is that no matter how well-planned (or not) your day is, there has to be some flexibility to take the … Read moreFavorite Homeschool Articles of 2016

Review: Science Comics: Volcanoes: Fire and Life

Science Comics: Volcanoes: Fire and Life by Jon Chad is part of a middlegrade comic series covering a variety of science topics. In Volcanoes: Fire and Life, readers follow Aurora as she attempts to convince her mission leader that volcanoes do exist, and that the Earth’s natural phenomenon could solve the fuel problems that leave … Read moreReview: Science Comics: Volcanoes: Fire and Life

Time: The Non-Renewable Resource

Time. Everyone struggles with it, and no one ever seems to have enough. We know that it should be used wisely, and not squandered, but what does that mean? How do we know if we’re spending it wisely or wasting it? Several years ago, someone (I can’t remember who) told me, “Time is a non-renewable resource, … Read moreTime: The Non-Renewable Resource

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