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Common Ground on Common Core – Review

When I saw there was a book coming out called Common Ground on Common Core, I was intrigued. While the issue certainly has opponents (and supporters) on both ends of the political spectrum, this seemed like a unique take on the topic, so I reached out to one of the people involved in the project, and was connected to Kirsten Lombard.

Kirsten is the editor of Common Ground on Common Core, and founded Resounding Books in February of 2013. We have had many wonderful conversations, and have many of the same ideas about bringing people together; it is wonderful to have a kindred spirit in the publishing world!

Back to the book! It is a series of 17 essays from education experts and advocates from across the political spectrum. People who may not see eye to eye on many things, but they see the danger of Common Core. Sound interesting?

I started reading it between getting details finished for the Fall issue and crowd-funding campaign, I had planned to wait, but I couldn’t! After just a few pages, I realized that this is the book we all need to read, and I hadn’t even gotten to the essays. While reading the editor’s note, I came across this statement from Kirsten …

“In truth, our problems almost all stem from Big Biz and Big Gov working hand in hand.”

This is what I have complained about myself! Big business and big government working hand in hand is a recipe for disaster, and yet they have managed to sell it to us as a positive thing. Common Core is another such beast.

The essays come from a variety of people, from homeschool parents to education professionals and everything in between. They pull no punches, and discuss a wide range of problems with Common Core, the way the states adopted it, the funding it received from major corporations and philanthropic organizations, and problems with the standards themselves. Each one is logically written, without using the inflammatory emotional terminology so often found in political discourse. They are all extensively annotated with source documentation and well-researched.

The subject matter is weighty, but anyone who has researched Common Core will be aware of this. For most of us, researching Common Core was, and is, a mind-numbing, eye-bleeding experience, but the essays contained in Common Ground on Common Core put a good portion of the problems in front of you in a concise manner so it’s a lot easier to digest! This is a must-read book for anyone with questions about Common Core. 

Common Ground on Common Core will be available very soon, all the details are being finished up and editing done. You can find it on the Resounding Books website at

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