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Fabulous Fridays | Editor’s Minute

When I captured this one, we all laughed because the car looked so … cartoonish! This is only cropped a little… no other adjustments.

Fridays are a little weird around here, mostly because it’s almost Saturday and the twins are looking forward to having Dad home from work so they can drag him to the dirt lot nearby for their RC cars and drones. So on Friday, we’ve become a little more relaxed because they get the vast majority of their work done earlier in the week and Fridays are for finishing up what wasn’t done. It’s also for attempting to clean up the mess those twin tornadoes left behind during the week and for me to plan the next week’s work for Learning Tangent, my teaching studio, and of course, our homeschool. Also today… visiting the local hobby store to buy parts for an RC car with a stripped gear and then replacing those parts and reassembling the car! Cool cars though, and completely worth the work and time to repair.

I spend part of our weird Fridays on writing things like this… getting the next magazine issue ready and scheduling social media posts for the next week. If, or rather, when you see a week of fairly quiet Facebook page for Learning Tangent… it’s because I got distracted with some other emergency. Sad, but true, and I can own it. This whole bootstrapping a magazine and NOT going into debt to do it is tough business and sometimes a ball drops. I also spend part of Friday getting ready for my next week’s schedule of music lessons. With about 20 students both online and in studio, I have a lot to keep straight – so I do my best to be prepared. Friday is also music day around the house, I help David with his piano, I can’t play but I can sure tell when something’s not right, and time on a violin lesson for Daniel. And then I get to practice… only I have violin and viola to practice, so it takes more every day to get it done.

I’d complain about the mountainous volume of work, but honestly, I like it. I like to be needed, helpful and connected to people. What I do with my family, for my music students, and for Learning Tangent gives me this. Working and homeschooling isn’t an easy balance to strike, but struck it can be. It also gives many families the ability to be more financially stable and able to homeschool. Amy Azevedo has firsthand experience with this too – she works full time and homeschools, and started a quarterly column for working homeschoolers (and those aspiring to work & homeschool) in the print magazine, I’m so glad she reached out and contacted us. Finances were a big concern for our family when we started homeschooling, and it’s a big reason why I continue to teach music (the rest is that I LOVE it, shhh… don’t tell!), we need to have both incomes and we also both need to have something should the unthinkable happen to one of us. Don’t miss an issue with this terrific column – I’ve found such hope in being able to continue from someone who’s been at this longer than I have.

One page per day is WAY easier for me to keep things organized!

Speaking of planning, this year, I switched to a daily planner… my two-page-per-week deal just wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore. and I could not read everything because I had to write it so small! This is so far working very well, because I have space for a school schedule, my teaching schedule, magazine schedule and notes. Now I don’t need three planners. It’s a welcome change! We have some printable free planner pages here, and Tavia (The Unplanned Homeschooler) has a fabulous one you can purchase very cheaply. Probably cheaper than printing our free planner pages.

How do you prepare for the next week’s work? I’d love to hear in the comments.