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Favorite Homeschool Articles of 2016

If 2016 was anything, it was a challenge. A challenge getting any work done around here, whether it was school, magazine, or music. And that’s not even counting the housework… One thing I have learned is that no matter how well-planned (or not) your day is, there has to be some flexibility to take the opportunities that arise. I’ve also learned that some articles are timeless and continue to offer help and support to those who need them. Today seemed like a good day to reminisce and share a few of them again, just in case you missed them.

2016 was a fabulous year for homeschooling, and Learning Tangent grew even more with a kids section – each issue sits smack in the middle of Learning Tangent, which make sit easy to yank right on out for your kids. They might just leave you alone for a little while if you do! Natalie’s tadpole article in Summer was a favorite of my twins, it reminded them of all the fun we have had raising our own tadpoles.

Kids really do amaze me, I love their courage in submitting articles, and work with each to help improve their writing and have a chance at being published. It’s important that kids know we value their ideas – and I can’t think of a better way than to include them in our homeschool magazine.

Homeschooling without Tears, Educating the Outliers, and Individuals Not Labels all appeared in Spring – I value the experiences and ideas from other homeschoolers, and the perspective I saw in those helped me see things differently. Our homeschool year was better for them.

Summer was full of fantastic articles too – and so timely! We find ourselves doing so many unschooly-type things during the summer that we figured why not have an issue full of ideas! We loved hearing about self-directed learning and unschooling, and Cindy LaJoy’s article was a perfect fit.

If high school transcripts have you down, read about how to Reverse Engineer them in the Fall 2016 issue.

Tear Open the Box (Fall 2016) – Tina Hollenbeck reminds us that as homeschoolers, we shouldn’t be anywhere near the box. She’ll give you ideas on how to get out of the box and give your kids the best education experience… for them.

I’ve always wondered how the Charlotte Mason Method can apply to high school – it seems perfect for elementary, but high school? Dr. Kat Patrick shows you how in her Fall 2016 article.

Work from Home to Homeschool – These are my best ideas to help you find or create work that will help you pay the bills and homeschool. We all know how difficult family finances can be, and homeschooling our kids sometimes adds expenses that make it even more difficult. We found ways to make it work, and hope that you can do it too.

I can’t possibly link to every article that was helpful, but I can link you to the past issues from this year: Spring Summer Fall. I’m very proud of the work our writers do, and look forward to many fabulous years ahead. I’m sure you notice that the Winter issue isn’t here, that’s because we only publish the back issues free of charge, and always with additional ads. Never the current one, and in 2017 the free issues won’t be published for 6 months after the original publication. We feel that while it’s a valuable resource for families who can’t afford to subscribe, the paid subscribers really do deserve to have first crack at it (digital subscribers log in).

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