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Free Webinar: Your Unique Homeschooling Journey

Are you beginning your homeschooling journey, or somewhere along the way? Recently, I have begun to notice more moms worrying that they aren’t good enough, and compare themselves to others in ways that are unhealthy. Maybe it’s because homeschooling is becoming more popular, and it’s just a numbers game, but it bothers me.

First – know you ARE good enough.

Second – I want to help, and I’ve put together a short webinar which you can take for free.

About the Webinar:

Your Unique Homeschooling Journey

How to save your homeschool sanity by not keeping up with the Joneses.

Did you begin homeschooling in a state of sheer terror mixed with a sprinkle of optimism? Do you constantly feel like you’re in uncharted territory with no way back to safety? Are you spending more time trying to make sure your kids “keep up” with the schools than you care to admit?

This is the workshop for you.

You’ll learn…

  • How to stop comparing your journey to that of others.
  • Why it’s okay to be in uncharted territory when you’re cutting your own path as an educational entrepreneur.
  • How to find or create a community full of differing opinions – and why it’s important.

Use the free workbook to work alongside other homeschool moms, and use the resources contained to set out on (or continue) your unique homeschooling journey.

After this free 30-minute webinar, you will have the tools you need to homeschool with confidence.

We have two dates you can choose – take one or take them both. 🙂

9am Central Time on Wednesday, August 7th
10am Central Time on Friday, August 9th.

Your Unique Homeschooling Journey Free Webinar

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