Group Subscription Rates

You asked, we delivered….

Introducing Group Subscription Rates!

We get it, budgeting is tough and if you can get a bit of a discount, it makes justifying a purchase a bit easier.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us with information about your group.
  2. We’ll give you a special order page with a password that you’ll use to send mailing info on all those who are subscribing.
  3. You’ll collect the money and forward it to us (check, money order OR PayPal).
  4. Sit back and wait for your magazine to arrive.

This only works if you have a decent sized group with at least 10 people ready to subscribe. The truth is that we price subscriptions as low as we possibly can to keep it affordable, and minimize ads so that we can focus on giving you quality articles without a bunch of fluff. This lean business model doesn’t leave much room for discounts, but it does mean that we’re not arbitrarily raising prices.

Here are the discounts:

10 -15 subscriptions – 20%
16 -25 subscriptions – 25%
26+ subscriptions – 30%

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What does a subscription offer?
    –  We have three different subscription levels, each with different benefits. Take a look at our Subscription Options.
  2. Can one person subscribe for more than one year, and does that addition year apply to the number of subscriptions required for the discount?
    –  Yes! If you or another member of your group would like to purchase two or even three year subscription, it counts.
  3. Can’t my group members just sign up themselves and have you apply the discount?
    –  Unfortunately, our system isn’t set up to do that, and it would cause some problems with our credit card processors.

Don’t want to collect subscription money? We understand. Contact us anyhow, and we’ll give your group a 20% discount code that they can use to subscribe whenever they’re ready. If we have more than 10 subscriptions come in with that code, we’ll add a year’s subscription to yours at no charge.

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