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You Can Help Us Finish the Cover this Winter

Here’s what we need for Winter:

A very clean (not much in the background) image of a student or students. They can be holding a couple of books, but not necessarily school books – the theme for this issue is “Homeschoolers around the world,” so they could even be travel brochures, wildlife books, etc.

This is your background – we’ll combine your image together with this one. As you can see, there are buildings from around the world… just like all the homeschoolers out there!

Help us out by submitting photos before the print deadline OR by commenting on the photos submitted by readers.


Here’s what to do:


  1. Submit your best 1 or 2 images to [email protected]
  2. Fill out the Release (have one of your parents sign it if you’re under 18)
  3. ALL images must be high resolution – that means they need to be at least 300dpi at a size of 8×10. This is the minimum we can use, and it’s cutting it close.
  4. ALL images must be portrait (vertical) in orientation. This means that you have to turn the camera sideways to take the photo – simply cropping to that orientation won’t work because it makes the image smaller in dimension than the original.


  1. Keep checking here for photos as they’re submitted
  2. Comment on your favorites!

Check out the upcoming magazine issue themes, and remember that you do not have to submit an image for Summer – it can be for Fall, Winter, or even some future date. It’s completely up to you.

Prize: One copy of the Issue on which your photo will be featured. Additional issues can be purchased at 50% off the cover price.


You need to live in an area of the world to which we ship.

No purchase necessary, in fact it won’t cost you a dime to enter…just a bit of time in crafting your image.

All photographers must submit a release, and verify on your honor that it was you who took the photo (this is all in the release).

Images must be high resolution, vertical in orientation and fit the requirements for use as a cover image.

We have to have the final say on the image, because sometimes, a fantastic image just won’t work for a variety of reasons; it could be wrong for the theme, wrong time of year, wrong resolution, the list goes on. This is why it’s such a big deal to have an image featured on any magazine cover: it’s truly difficult to find just the right image.