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Learning Tangent is the premier magazine for homeschooling families. Our expert writers will help you find innovative solutions to the educational challenges of the 21st century. Religiously inclusive; free downloads in every new issue; limited ad content.   If you're looking for a new favorite homeschool magazine - you may have just found it. 

Each issue is packed with features:

  • Regular columns on topics ranging from homeschooling high schoolers to balancing work with homeschooling and advice on dealing with specific issues.
  • Articles written around a quarterly theme, so you can immerse yourself in the topic.
  • Product reviews - if we like it, we like to share it!
  • Project ideas, tips, resources and recipes for busy moms.

What makes Learning Tangent different?

  • Limited ad content. We only accept advertising from carefully selected companies and limit ad content to 10%. 
  • Religiously inclusive. We care more about the content of your character than the flavor of your worship (or not). Our writers and readers hail from across the political and religious spectrum and we don't always agree.
  • We aren't into conformity. We take great pleasure in helping new homeschoolers find their own path, because everyone is special and unique. 

LT Kids - Automatically Included in Your Subscription

What's inside? 

All sorts of things, really. The beauty of this magazine is that it's written by and for kids. In a given issue you might find projects, articles about places kids have visited (da Vinci was awesome), things that kids are learning about (cameras, anyone?) and more. There are generally crosswords and word searches for kids, and sometimes photos and art. 

We adults help the kids edit and design the layout, but the bulk of the design and editing work is done by the twins, David & Daniel.

When LT Kids started, it was as a section in the middle of Learning Tangent, we designed it so that you could carefully pull it from the center. It grew, and added pages, and removing it for your kids became more cumbersome than was realistic. So now - LT Kids is its very own magazine. It automatically comes with your subscription to Learning Tangent, but now it's all ready to go for your homeschooler to read. We've even added an add-on subscription so each of your kids can have their own copy.

Do your kids create awesome projects? Write poetry or stories? We definitely want to hear from them (and you!). For consideration in LT Kids, email

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