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My Little Valentine | Review

Originally published in Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine, Spring, 2017.

I love adoption stories. They’re a wonderful example of the true depth and beauty of the human race. That we have it in our hearts to take in the child of another for no other reason than love is heart-warming.

My Little Valentine one such story. It’s the story of a mother and daughter reunited after decades of being separated shortly after her birth in 1925, and a son’s incredible journey to bring them together.

Wanda grew up knowing that she was adopted, and raised by loving parents in Kansas. Her son KelLee also knew that she would dearly love to find her birth parents.

During a summer spent researching historical information for his next year’s class, he happened upon the idea to use those same research materials to track down his mother’s birth parents.
Months of searching followed, following bread crumbs, and tracking down people who knew Wanda’s birth parents and asking questions. Often finding that the answers he found led to more questions. But finally, he did find her birth mother. Still living, in California.

I loved reading My Little Valentine, it’s well-written and engaging, and it’ll probably be read a few times. KelLee did a wonderful job in piecing everything together and creating a story that, at every turn, leaves you wanting to read more. Following his journey as he pieced together the story was like reading a great detective novel, except with a true story and a happy ending.

You can find the book on Amazon or directly from KelLee Parr at As an extra bonus, when you order from his website and mention Learning Tangent, you’ll get a discount.

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