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Our Favorite Constitution Week Resources

Constitution week is September 17-23, and for us it’s a favorite study. Not just for learning about our representative republic government, but because of the struggles endured in its creation. If you’re looking for stories about adventure, intrigue, and bravery, look no further than the founding of the USA.

There were courageous men and women who risked everything for their beliefs. Many died during the revolutionary war, and of those who survived, many died penniless. There were spies on both sides, male and female, who crossed enemy lines to bring information to their side. The founding of our nation was exciting and frightening to those living it, and we are left with stories that have everything a great adventure novel holds…for those willing to look.

We have used all of these resources, and while some may have been reviewed while others not, they’re all very much worth the time.


Books and more

No study on the Constitution is complete without also studying the Declaration of Independence, and those who signed it. The declaration is more than just a list of grievances, it was the foundation of the Constitution.

In the “written word” section, we also have the letters and articles from the federalists and anti-federalists. What most people don’t realize is that many of the questions we have about just what they were thinking! They’re sometimes a bit difficult to read – but what I find most interesting is that while the Federalists won the argument at the time, giving us the Constitution, the anti-federalists had excellent points, and their concerns on government overreach are things with which we currently contend. In any discussion there are multiple sides – and by reading both sides of the argument, we come away much better informed.

Federalist papers –

Anti-federalist papers –

To really understand where the founders got their ideas – you can go even more in depth by reading what they read, and one of the biggest influences was John Locke, author of “A Letter Concerning Toleration.” I think we could all stand to read it, regardless of your faith.

Many of these are Amazon Kindle links – yes I know they are all available free in many places as these documents and books are often public domain. That said, I chose Amazon kindle links because they’re optimized for Kindle, and easier to read for many people. As much as I love reading the reproductions, I realize not everyone will love working through the calligraphic script.

For an Independence Day Study, check out this one: Independence Day Unit Study

I’m sure we’ve missed a few resources! Let us know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Our Favorite Constitution Week Resources

  1. Have you seen Bobby Dean’s (Paula Dean’s son) New independent movie about the constitution?

    1. Nooo! I’ll have to look that up, thanks!!

  2. This is such a neat subject to teach and I can’t wait to share it with my son. I would like to thank you for composing it for us. As I didn’t know this week was coming up but not that I do I will be sharing it with everyone I know.

    1. Great! I find it a terrific excuse to refresh our memory of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

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