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Professor Noggin’s Card Games | Review

This review was originally published in the Winter 2017 issue of Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine

If you’re looking for a grab and go educational game, take a look at Professor Noggins’ card games. Their parent company graciously sent several decks for us to review, and we keep finding ourselves coming back to them. They’re easy to keep in the car for long rides, and toss in a backpack when we head out on our bikes.

During our review, we were able to play several of Professor Noggins’ card games:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Medieval Times
  • Explorers
  • American Revolution
  • Countries of the World
  • U.S. Geography
  • Outer Space

They are trivia games, and they’re easy to learn to play. Each game comes with a die with the numbers 1 to 3, and each card has an easy or a hard set of questions. Decide ahead of time whether you’ll play using the hard or easy questions. For families with kids of multiple ages and levels, it’s easy to select a level appropriate for them. Parents can play against kids, and older siblings can play against younger ones, and make it more interesting by selecting different difficulty levels. When you get an answer correct, you keep the card, and when all the cards are gone, the winner is the one holding the most cards.

There are surprises though.

“I’ll take that card back!” David gleefully announced when he found himself the lucky recipient of a Noggins’ Choice option. Noggins’ Choice allows that person to take any card from another player, and add it to his or her own stack. We once went through 4 turns in a row where the player rolled a 2, and pulled a card with Noggins’ Choice. It was always funny to see which card that player picked, because it seems that in every deck, there is a favorite card or two, mostly thanks to the picture on the card.

The games are available on Amazon for $9.95 each with free Prime shipping at Other titles include: Reptiles and Amphibians, Horses, Freshwater Life, Life in the Ocean, Wonders of the World, and more. They’re a terrific stocking stuffer, at least for our knowledge-loving boys, and great way to add some fun into your homeschool day.

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