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Review: Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book

Periodic Table of Elements Coloring BookChemistry and the elements made simpler

We have been seeing posts about a coloring book for the Periodic Table of Elements, our curiosity was piqued. How can you simplify the periodic table without dumbing it down? The guinea pigs twins loved this, even my non-chemistry-loving boy was excited to see something that made it easier for him to understand. He needs pictures, pictures and more pictures!

We were able to get a copy of the book from its author, Teresa Bondora, at a discount so we could review it. We were pleasantly surprised by both the volume of information included, and the easily understandable format.

The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book is aimed primarily at elementary-aged kids, but I think that this would also be helpful for a middle-grade student who needs a bit of hep in understanding the Periodic Table. Teresa doesn’t introduce all 100-something elements in the periodic table, just the ones that are most commonly used or encountered. For each element that is introduced, there is an information page, citing its discovery, atomic number, and real-world applications of the element. Facing each information page is a coloring page, showing just a few of the places you’ll find it.

We love this book, and the way Teresa introduces each element. Her explanations are simple and straightforward and when you can take a complex subject, explain it without over-simplifying, you can help a whole new generation of kids love science. We highly recommend this book to both chemistry-shy and chemistry-loving kids who want to learn more. Finding science materials that are engaging and not dumbed-down can be a challenge, but we have found a new resource in the Table of Elements Coloring.

Teresa’s Pinterest page has loads of resources, and You can find it online for about $25 on Amazon and Teresa’s website, links to many resources.


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