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Year around homeschooling doesn’t wreck your schedule, and a road trip can be more educational than you realize…Get this packed issue and be ready for summer!

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 In the Way-Back Homeschool Machine:

  • Out On A Limb: As Homeschooling Grows In Numbers…So Must Our Temerity from Amy Azevedo.
  • My Biggest Mistake as Homeschool Mom by Tina Hollenbeck of the Homeschool Resource Roadmap. Sometimes that mistake we made in the very beginning was pretty big…so big that we wonder how our kids actually survived.
  • Fall Health Reboot by Ann Musico
  • The Working Homeschooler – The Trusty Old… Timer – remember that kitchen timer? It might just save your homeschool sanity.
  • Don’t Go Breakin’ Their Hearts by Tavia Fuller-Armstrong. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you want to “do homeschool right,” but in your pursuit of perfection, it’s important to not break their spirit.
  • What if this is Normal? By Gail Nelson. I have a theory, and it goes like this: When we send our kids to someone else to teach from an early age until they’re a young adult, we’ve tacitly said that we’re not good enough. Is it any surprise, then, that they eventually stop listening to us?
  • Winds of Change by Cristi Taijeron. Going from public school to homeschool, and from the city to the desert all in a couple of years is crazy – but that’s what they did.
  • Teen Marvelous by Dr. Kat Patrick. From toddler to teen, we sometimes forget why we do what we do – here’s a great way to remember.
  • Freedom: A homeschool superpower by Gail Nelson. Did you know that you’re a superhero? Yep. You are. You have something that others don’t: freedom.
  • Book Review:  Mansion on the Hill
  • Burnout! Learn the signs and how to come back from homeschool burnout.
  • Sudoku puzzles
  • Fall activities
  • Free printable binder slip sheet
  • More to come! We’re not finished collecting all the awesome articles and stories just yet.

Included with your purchase is the Fall issue of LT Kids!

A few awesome things in store:

  • Mistakes that Changed the World by Amy Chabroux. Alfred Nobel founded the Nobel Prize, but did you also know he held 355 patents, spoke five languages fluently, and invented dynamite?
  • Fall: My Favorite Season by Daniel Nelson. Why do those brilliant reds and oranges appear in fall?
  • The Tales of Minerva, the Not-So-Great Hunter by David Nelson. Minerva never seems to stop getting into trouble…what is she up to this time?
  • Jokes by David Nelson – up for a laugh? You’ll giggle and laugh with these.
  • The Little Troll a story by David Nelson.
  • Accidental Inventions Pull out poster

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