Magic Forest Academy Stage 2 – Full 52 Book Program


Full Year Inclusive 52 Book/Themed Nature Based Curriculum-Stage 2, ages 7-12.
Nature based education with Reading, Math, Science, Arts/Crafts, Fun/Games, Recipe, Activities and more. This package is our best deal!


1 Full Year Overview Chart for Magic Forest Academy

2 Syllabus Stage 2 Full Color Magic Forest Academy 

Our nature based educational books are sold in the following:

  • 52 Individual Unique Nature Themed Books at $3.50/each; or
  • 4 Seasonal Bundles each containing 13 nature theme books sold at
    35.50/bundle, saving $10 per bundle (see our Products for Bundles); or
  • Our Complete Full Year 52 nature themed books bundled for only $100 (a total
    savings of $82! See our Products Listing for Complete 52 Year Package)

Our bundles are designed to use individually or together as a complete nature based educational program on their own or to compliment existing curriculum. Each seasonal themed bundle comes with 13 unique nature themes aligned to the season. Each book is in Full Color (11 Pages) with a Black-n-White printable (6 Pages) attached. Also included is our Stage 2 Syllabus and Full-Year Seasonal Overview Chart showing how all 52 books flow seasonally throughout the year. (Both the Syllabus and Seasonal Overview Chart can also be found for free in our product listing).

Magic Forest Academy is Secular and Affordable-Nature Based Education.

Magic Forest Academy

Secular, Affordable, Nature-Based Education

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