The History of Rock and Roll unit study


The History of Rock and Roll is a three part unit study covering the evolution of rock and roll from its earliest beginnings. If your student likes music, they will love this exciting unit study from the Unplanned Homeschooler!


Would you like to incorporate music appreciation into your studies this year, but you haven’t been able to find a resource that really strikes a chord with you or your kids? Dive into “The History of Rock and Roll” and have fun learning all about this incredibly diverse musical genre that was born in the late 1940s and helped shape the culture of America and the world for decade after decade as it evolved.

I created this unit study based on the co-op class I taught last year. The teens in my class were very engaged and full of questions and comments as we learned all about the birth of rock and roll and explored how it changed and diverged into a myriad of subgenres up through the modern era.

Enjoy samples of great rock and roll music from rhythm and blues and doo wop to psychedelic rock, surf rock, punk rock, southern rock and even metal. This unit study includes relevant musical selections that showcase nearly every facet of rock and roll, and a wide variety of artists. Your kids will come away with a deeper knowledge of the music that has served as the soundtrack of the last three generations, and an appreciation for the roots of the music that they listen to today.

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