Spring 2017 | Giving with an Open Heart


We often talk about how good homeschooling is for our family - and it is! Even with the bad days, the days full of fights and arguments over how or whether to finish schoolwork, it's worth it. But as homeschoolers, and indeed, as humans, we also enjoy reaching out to help our local community. It's through community that our world becomes better, stronger, happier.... pick your adjective. Whereas looking to the government often finds one wrapped in a mound of regulations, our communities' support organizations are often more responsive and helpful. This is because they are much closer to the problem and can generally respond more quickly. That said, no system is perfect, and every organization can use some help in providing services to the communities they serve.

We're asking you, our readers, to share your advice and insight on how your homeschool family gives back. We will keep updating this post to let you in on all the good stuff going in the spring issue. Do you have something to add to the conversation? Please share it with us by leaving a comment or emailing it to Gail@learningtangent.com. This goes directly to our editor, and well... we don't feel bad about filling up HER email box! The deadline for this issue is February 10th, and we have set aside some space for you to share fabulous homeschool wisdom and insight with everyone.

Here's what's in store for you in Spring

First, we want to thank Anika Russell (she's only 17!)of TheraPony for the beautiful image of the twins, David & Daniel, that we are using on the cover. They're visiting with Alvie, an off-track thoroughbred who had recently arrived. We spend as much time as we can helping them out, because they do an amazing and insane amount of work helping care for horses that have been abused, neglected or surrendered by owners who could no longer afford them. They're in Ramona, California if you would like to help out. Speaking of photos - we love to see things like this, and cannot wait to see what you have to share!

If you're not sure about whether you even want to volunteer somewhere, Cindy LaJoy is here with Doing Good Benefits All - she gives you the low-down on just how giving back will benefit your family. You may be surprised at what you'll find, and for another perspective on volunteerism Amy Azevedo has some terrific insight in Why Homeschooled Kids Should Take Volunteer Opportunities.

When your journey with a volunteer organization is coming to an end, it's best to exit with a bit of grace. Tavia Fuller Armstrong shares wonderful insight on why she is Stepping Down Gracefully and how to retire from your volunteer roles, and to round things out, Tina gives a host of reasons why you should volunteer in Stepping Up to Serve. 

Our editor, Gail, has an interview that will tear at your heart strings. The Wheeler family sold everything they owned and moved from Idaho to Thailand to volunteer full-time rescuing kids who have been trafficked. Read about their work in Human Trafficking: How One Homeschool Family Helps.

There are more articles coming, so keep checking back! It's not even deadline time yet, and what we have so far is enough to make us positively giddy.

Also inside:

  • The Working Homeschooler
  • The Unplanned Homeschooler
  • Teen Marvelous
  • Spring into Health with Baby Steps
  • Learning Tangent for Kids (get ready for a bunch of silly jokes your kids will love!)
  • Book Reviews - My Little Valentine and Drawing in Space
  • So You Want to Write a Book? The latest (and last) installment of Cristy Taijeron's series of articles.
  • A new Photography project from Candy Richey
  • Why Do Bananas Turn Brown - a preschool science activity with a delicious recipe from new contributors Kristin & Brandon Hendrickson and Megan Riggs.
  • More to come!

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