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5 Reasons a Rut Keeps You Stuck (And How to Get Moving Again)

“Help! I’m stuck in a rut, and don’t know what to do!”

Have you ever been there? We have. It happened right before we moved. We went from doing all of our schoolwork, getting things done, learning, and having fun…to the tedium of getting through each day while we packed the house.

It was soul-sucking.

We often find ourselves stuck in a rut in that middle space between holidays, or near the end of a school year. Those times where one day runs into another. When it gets easy to put your school work on auto-pilot, and just put one foot in front of another.

Regardless why, when, or even how you get into a rut, you can shake things up and get moving again.

Don’t let the time you’ve already invested hold you back

I can admit it, I am stubborn. Stubborn in ways that the most persistent parasite only dreams…but in my defense, that stubbornness can be good! It means I do not give up easily, and continue through to the end.

It also means I get stuck more easily. Thoughts of, “But I paid for this,” dance in my head, and keep me from doing what I know I must – move on.

Learn from my example, don’t bruise up your head or let your ego get in the way. Let it go, and set aside what did not work. Even if you agree to set it aside for a while in order to give it a rest and try something else, that is better than continuing in the same way.

Besides, most homeschool curriculum resells well, so you should be able to get something out of what you did not use.

You got too comfortable

Comfort is king…when you are picking out slippers. The rest of the time, comfort only means you are growing stalactites.

Do something that makes you worry that you will fail. Try something you think you suck at, play a game that you never win. Whatever it is, do something that makes you feel a little discomfort because it is hard, scary, or new.

Experiment, take a road trip (even a short one), or start learning a new language with your kids, take up painting or an instrument – you get the idea. There are a million ways to spark some inspiration, and all you have to do is try.

Fantasies keep you stuck

Dreaming about a huge house with a farm, goats, horses and more won’t help you get there. Instead, it will just distract you from what you need to do in order to get there – keeping you stuck in a rut.

Look at your overall goals, and ask if they are realistic. Are they in an area that makes you uncomfortable (good), comfortable (boring), or flat out delusional? Ditch the comfortable and delusional goals and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

The moral of the story…

In my experience, the best way to get out of a rut is to just do something! Take action. Do something, even if it turns out to be a mistake.