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Summer 2016 | Unschooling Homeschoolers

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Many people cringe when they hear the word “unschooling,” but really I think it’s been a bit misunderstood. I hope you’ll agree when you’ve had a chance to read everything.

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This issue, we tackle some of those unschool fears, but also give hope. We see that when kids have the freedom to try and fail, but maybe succeed, they grow more than we can predict. They become stronger, smarter and more capable. I love to watch my kids grow and change, their opinions and ideas changing more quickly than the phrase, “ice cream” will bring them running. Learning happens everywhere, and it’s about time leave some of the books behind in favor of adventures in learning.

Have you always wondered what this whole “unschooling” idea was? New to homeschooling but need a bit of help getting out of the institutional school mode? This is the issue for you! From understanding unschooling to unschooling through high school, our writers have given their best ideas to help you unschool… at least a little.


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