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Summer 2019 | Fast-Paced Homeschooling

Doesn’t that sound contrary to what we almost always hear as homeschoolers? Yes…yes it does. But sometimes, that relaxed, do it at your own pace thing backfires, and you wind up in a place that does not benefit your teen.

That’s where fast-past homeschooling comes in handy.

Find out how Tavia gets a lot done in a short amount of time in Make Mine a Minimester. You’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner! On the flip side, Tina reminds us that we have more time than we think when we Look with Different Eyes at the situation.

We have a full line-up of helpful and inspiring articles – but one that I think is very important is perhaps not so happy a topic: what happens When Catastrophe Strikes? Do you have a backup plan? We need to be ready to step up if something goes horribly wrong.

So grab your coffee, your copy of Learning Tangent (or your phone/tablet) and enjoy summer. When you’re done, grab one of our summer reading books…just for fun.

One thing is for sure, summer is full of opportunity – we just have to get up and grab it with both hands! Subscribers can read it online – and for a limited time digital subscriptions are only $5. If you prefer print in your hands, take your pick!