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Examining Simple Machines – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

Every time I look at this science, and every lesson we do with it shows the pure genius of the way it’s arranged. A friend of mine calls it, “Complex topics made simple,” and I completely agree. As parents, we’re all a little nervous about teaching some subjects – this homeschool science makes it easy […]

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Observing Rocks and Minerals – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

I can’t believe we’re already done with another unit! Even though we do more than the 2 lessons a week of science, I swear it seems like the kids are learning more than I could have imagined from something that seems so easy. As a commenter pointed out on the last unit review¬†a couple months […]

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Nancy Larson Science Level 2

When I first contacted Nancy Larson Science about possibly receiving a review copy of their Level 3, I was unaware how complete and well thought out everything would be. We’ve never used a science curriculum before, because the twins are nerds, and love their science, so this will be different for us. Madon Daily their […]