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Review: Mastering Essential Math Skills

While at the GHC convention last June, I met the author of the Mastering Essential Math Skills workbooks, Richard Fisher. He surprised me by sending me home with a stack of the workbooks. The boys have started working through the problem solving book, while I have started brushing up on Algebra; never one of my […]

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The Secret to Success in Math

By Richard W. Fisher There are three clusters of math skills that every student needs to master.  Students who learn and fully understand these essential topics can be considered algebra-ready. These skills are referred to as the Critical Foundations of Algebra. Algebra-readiness is of huge importance. Algebra is the gateway subject to more advanced math, […]

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Review: Life of Fred Math

Math is that subject that seems to give people nightmares. It’s either loved or loved to be hated worldwide. But why is that the case? I think it’s because of the approach to math – if you have the tools to do something, even if it’s not your favorite, you can do it. But if […]