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Q & A with Tina Hollenbeck | Founder of The Homeschool Resource Roadmap

Getting to know you…. Since we’re almost halfway through our fourth year of publication (can you believe it?), I thought it was long past time for everyone to see the people behind Learning Tangent. Tina was one of our earliest supporters, both in sharing the idea on Facebook, and in writing; and over the last […]

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Sleep is Part of My Homeschool Plan, and Here’s Why

“Sleep? Sleep is part of your plan?” My friend stared at me, half incredulous, as if a  mom could ever have enough sleep. Granted, my youngest are turning 12 Saturday, so sleep is a bit easier to come by at this point, but even if they were younger I would demand my sleep. Especially knowing […]

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3 Ways to Take Guilt-Free Mom Time

What is this? Guilt-free mom time? How is the mom time possible, let alone having it without guilt? You know how it is, as homeschoolers there is this perception that we’re somehow super-human, equipped with un-ending reservoirs of patience; and if we aren’t, we should be. Ha! I know better… now. There was a time […]