Homeschooling: Choose Your Own Adventure!

It’s that time of year again! Yep, the one where people have decided to homeschool because ___________ (insert reason), and they are terrified of messing it all up. Is this you? I completely understand how you feel, because I was too! You did what any caring parent would, and started researching accredited curriculum and other … Read moreHomeschooling: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Unschooling: Supercharge Your Homeschool

That crazy “unschooling” word gets tossed around pretty regularly in the homeschooling community. Some people love the idea, and others think it’s a huge mistake. I think that the idea has merit, and the concept of locking our kids into 12 years of study in areas in which they have no interest is crazy. Isn’t … Read moreUnschooling: Supercharge Your Homeschool

Where in the World Are We?

By now, our latest issue is beginning to arrive in the mailboxes of our subscribers – and you know something? I think it’s terrific that some of them are on the other side of the country. When we started this, it wasn’t so it could be a local thing – unique to the area in … Read moreWhere in the World Are We?

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