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Common Core, Homeschool, and more

This is one of the more political statements you’ll see me make, because I truly feel that politics has no place in education. But the reality is that we need to pay attention to the political winds…because they do not blow in our favor. In this last installment, I share my opinions on Common Core, […]

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Making the Decision to Homeschool

To some, this may be a bit of a surprise considering what I do in the homeschool community these days… but I never wanted to homeschool. For a variety of reasons, but things changed and so did my opinion of homeschooling. It’s fraught with questions, concerns, fears and more. But it’s full of joy – more […]

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Why Learning Tangent and Where is it Headed?

A few weeks ago, I spent about an hour talking with Kirsten Lombard, founder of Resounding Books. We talked about Common Core, why we homeschool, and in the segment, why did Learning Tangent start and what do we hope to accomplish? It’s only about 11 minutes long, take a listen to find out more about what […]