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Looking for Kindergarten Curriculum? Read This First

Stop. Stop, right now. Stop worrying about what the neighbors will think if your kids are playing instead of studying. Stop worrying about whether your homeschooling friend will shame you into buying something. And definitely stop pushing your pre-schooler to be someone they’re not ready to be.

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Re-discovering A Love of Learning: A Homeschool Journey

Love of learning

  A beautiful thing happened along our homeschool journey: The boys remembered that they love learning. Yes, that is a key part of being a child: Learning every single thing you can, soaking up as much information as possible so that as they grow, that information can be processed logically when your brain is ready. Yet for our […]

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8 Tips to Be a Great Homeschool Teacher

Hey you! Yes, you there, sitting there reading this on your phone or on the internet, asking yourself if you can possibly be a homeschool teacher when you’ve never taught anyone, or if you’re just plain nuts. Yes you’re nuts. Being a mom or dad already has its challenges and our kids drive us nuts […]

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Science and Much More: Teaching My ADHD, LD, Strong-willed Child to Learn and Be Proud

Written by Madon Dailey – originally published in the Washington Homeschool Organization’s April/May 2014 newsletter and re-posted here with her permission.  My first born arrived with wide-open eyes, smiling lips, and a face that said, “Let’s get this party started.” She skipped crawling and started walking at seven months. Her first words were, “No Mom.” She hated naps […]