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Summer 2017 | Working Homeschoolers

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly homeschool because you still have to make a living? You won’t want to miss this issue. This summer, we’re taking time to focus on adding some much-needed money to your family’s bottom line. Whether you need a full-time income or just a little to supplement, we’re here again (and […]

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Fabulous Fridays | Editor’s Minute

Fridays are a little weird around here, mostly because it’s almost Saturday and the twins are looking forward to having Dad home from work so they can drag him to the dirt lot nearby for their RC cars and drones. So on Friday, we’ve become a little more relaxed because they get the vast majority of […]

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Working Homeschoolers: Setting a Schedule that Works

working homeschoolers schedule

Working homeschoolers By now you’ve decided that you can indeed homeschool even though you still have to (or want to) work. Now it’s time to figure out the “how” of making it all work. No matter what you do for a living, homeschooling while you work really is a case of deciding upon priorities. I […]

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Can You Work AND Homeschool?

When we started homeschooling, I had to quit a very low-paying job in order to make the schedule work. As time went on, I built up a music teaching business which quickly exceeded what I brought home at the other job. It worked surprisingly well for us, but it still begs the question: can it […]