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Did You Leave Public School to Homeschool?

We did, and know there are others out there who are disillusioned with the traditional public school system. But see, here’s the thing, we don’t know how many others are out there, and neither does anyone else. That’s where this survey comes in. We’re conducting this as part of a national news reporter’s research into the topic, because those of us who left the system are somewhat of an enigma. For many, there were a variety of reasons, with the proverbial “straw” that caused our exit. This new population of homeschoolers is widely varied in political and religious beliefs, perhaps the children are medically fragile or special needs… We want to know what happened, why did you leave? How are you homeschooling now? We also want to share that information with the rest of the world. So we all understand that new homeschoolers are a bit different than our predecessors…and yet so much the same.

So here it is: If you are a homeschooler whose children once attended a traditional public school, but you have withdrawn them in order to homeschool, spend a few moments to take the survey. It’s one page, and only 9 questions. We are looking for a very specific group – please do not take the survey if your children never attended public school.

In exchange you’ll get*:

  • Early access to the results via PDF emailed to you
  • FREE PDF of the Summer issue of Learning Tangent
  • Discount on any subscription

Important: To get the freebies and study results, we do need your email address – we’ll send the coupon codes to your email after you complete the survey, and email a printable PDF of the results when they’re complete. It will not be used for any other purpose.

You can only take the survey once, so before you click that button to send your  answers, take a moment to check everything.

Take the survey


3 thoughts on “Did You Leave Public School to Homeschool?

  1. Many charter schools and most public schools have only one thing on their minds: MONEY!
    Thats all I can say!

  2. shared this survey with homeschooling group

    1. Excellent, thank you so much!

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