We are delighted that you are interested in submitting your original art, article, prose or photography. This form is the easiest way to do that! We do ask that you read our Submission Agreement, it outlines what our agreement is, so there are no surprises. If your submission is visual, we ask that you fill out the form and describe what it is you would like to submit, and we will give you instructions and an email address to use.

We tend towards themes for each issue - it helps us maintain a focal point and makes each issue special. For more information on what we would like to see in future issues, please check out the page on future issues.

Learning Tangent's Kids' section is actively seeking submissions. These can be in the form of art, poetry or stories (either fiction or fact).

We also want to be sure you're aware of our style sheet and guidelines. These help us create a consistent feel within the pages of Learning Tangent, and keep Gail from having to do too much extra work. This keeps her happy, and helps us get the quarterly issues out on time. We try to respond to submission requests within a couple of days, and we look forward to seeing your work.

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