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Winter 2018 | Winter Wonderland

Read Learning Tangent! Read LT Kids: We’re creating an all new online reading experience for you! Winter Wonderland | Winter 2018Download

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Mistakes That Changed the World and More | LT Kids Fall 2018

LT Kids is full of stories for your kids, and the twins want to hear from more kids who love to write and create. A few awesome things in store: Mistakes that Changed the World by Amy Chabroux.¬†Alfred Nobel founded the Nobel Prize, but did you also know he held 355 patents, spoke five languages […]

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Summer Survival Guide | Summer 2018

Update: This issue is with the printer, and we will have it in the mail next Wednesday, barring unforeseen circumstances. One of the first things we learned that first summer after withdrawing the boys from school was that anything could be educational, and learning was quite literally…everywhere. Even so, I couldn’t get myself out of […]

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Spring 2018 | College or Not? Options for Homeschoolers

Which brings me to my point: Many people seem to focus on college as an educational goal. I thought, “Why not focus on all the real options for homeschoolers?” They don’t all have to go to college, but no parent in their right mind would want to prevent it if their dream should require it. So here comes the spring issue – the start of our fifth year in publication – full of timeless and timely advice about how to help your kids achieve their goals; whether they require college…or not.

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Winter 2017 | Homeschooling with Games

In every culture throughout history, humans have played games. Some were educational, and some were just for fun, but no matter their purpose, games are a terrific way to bring some fun into your education. Update 12/1/2017: This issue is going to the printer on Monday – make sure you reserve a copy, because when […]