Review: Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book

Chemistry and the elements made simpler We have been seeing posts about a coloring book for the Periodic Table of Elements, our curiosity was piqued. How can you simplify the … read the rest of the story….

Review: Mastering Essential Math Skills

While at the GHC convention last June, I met the author of the Mastering Essential Math Skills workbooks, Richard Fisher. He surprised me by sending me home with a stack … read the rest of the story….

Nancy Larson Science 3 – What’s in the Box?

After a┬ávery productive and educational weekend helping in the booth at Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, CA… Nancy Larson Science was nice enough to give our next science level to … read the rest of the story….

KidCoder Homeschool Programming Review

After researching all the programming curriculum choices out there (from free ones to courses that cost upwards of $250!!!) and calling Homechool Programming to find out more about their courses, we decided we were going to go with Homeschool Programming’s KidCoder series.

Investigating Birds – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

Many kids have a base understanding of birds, Investigating Birds from Nancy Larson Science 2 formalizes the knowledge already there, adds more, and to helps kids understand why some birds live where they live, eat what they eat, and how to find more information.

Examining Simple Machines – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

Every time I look at this science, and every lesson we do with it shows the pure genius of the way it’s arranged. A friend of mine calls it, “Complex … read the rest of the story….