Don’t Let Them Make You Quit!

Friends and family, there will always be those that will try their best to make you rethink your decision and make it seem as though you are the worst person in the world because you homeschool your children. There will always be people that will tell you that school is the only way your child will ever learn anything. There will always be those that will try to downplay what you do on a daily basis as nothing more than playing house. Naysayers will always be around, it don’t let them make you quit!

Don’t let what they say make you quit…let them talk because at the end of the day, you know what’s best for you and your family in this season if life. Don’t let what they do to alienate you make you quit…make your own memories with your own family! Don’t let how they act make you quit…smile and go on because one day they will see and understand. Don’t let how they live make you quit…you will have more than you need sooner than you think. Don’t let what they are able to be involved in make you quit…find what fits you and your family! Don’t let who they know make you quit…they don’t matter!

Remember that your family is what is important. Remember that the decisions that you made as a family are what’s important. You don’t have to explain those choices to anyone! Wishing you the best as you go forward!

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