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Save it! Read it! – Guest Post

We just received this from our good friends over at, they’re launching a new site to encourage reading the U.S. Constitution! We’re fans, as you all know, and we have seen first hand the positive effect knowing these important documents can have on our kids. So take a moment, read and visit

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website Save It Read It! A site dedicated to Saving the Constitution by Reading It and sharing it with others.

“We have received challenges to read and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from various sources. All of us must commit to reading the Constitution of the United States of America and review it often. Only by understanding the principles upon which our government was founded can we recognize Constitutional abuses and be able to step up and stop that abuse.

Part of understanding those principles also includes studying and knowing why the Constitution was needed in the first place. The Declaration of Independence started the new America on her path to the Constitution.”

This Independence Day we encourage everyone to study the Declaration and SaveItReadIt! has some great resources available to help with that. From Preschool children to adults there is something for everyone on SaveItReadIt!

Happy Independence Day from

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